January 28, 2010

Ok folks…. I officially have pneumonia. Yeah this means I’m on official leave from fasting until I can get over this sickness and fight off any other infections. I’m taking antibiotics right now in the morning where I have to eat then I’m taking probiotics in the evening before I go to bead to help stimulate and create new and good bacteria in me so I don’t get a yeast infection or anything else.

After I get over this I will resume my fast but I may not blogg about it. I know this may seem sad to some but I have begun a journey that I now need to finish on my own. I can do this there is hope for me I feel it with everything that’s in me. Just today I felt differently about how I feel and think about my weight, no do I connect who I am to what I weigh instead I’ve found my self worth to be in what makes me not what’s on the outside. This is big progress. I will keep you informed as much as I can and thank you to all those that have faithfully been reading and are interested in what I’m doing thank you!!!



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