Day 7

January 16, 2010

I’m not here to get skinny and be hot and hip although that is a tantalizing idea, I’m here to finally get rid of this weight both physically and mentally and be a forever changed human being inside and out.

As I read and continue to read about fasting and all it entails I always come across this statement “if your hungry, eat” I always think to myself why on a ‘fast’ would you want to ‘eat’! It didn’t make sense to me until yesterday. I started actually wanting food and felt like I was needing something in my body. Since I’ve been sick and all I decided that yes this was an appropriate decision to make so I ate. I had brown rice and textured soy protein, some nuts and an orange, as well as some lentil soup. After eating I felt ok. Initially there was some guilt that I had gone against my word or maybe I shouldn’t have succumbed. In the end I felt ok about it, and I didn’t over eat. I ate only what would fit inside my stomach and I stopped when I was done and threw away the rest….This is a big accomplishment for me.

Today I continued the fasting and I’m ok, my body is fine and I’m not hungry nor have I even given thought to food. This has been a great learning experience for me that I will never forget. Hurtle number two crossed

Tomorrow I weigh in:

33 more days of water fasting, 73 more days of more transformation…


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