Day 4,5,6

January 15, 2010

I’ve been really sick these past couple of days… I feel awful. My throat feels like it’s got sand paper in it and I can’t cough enough to get things out. The reason I’m sick is because my body is letting out tons of toxic build up that has been there for the past three years since I fasted last time. I’m just letting it run its course and taking some Advil so I can get some sleep at night. I’ve still continued to fast in-spite of the sickness. I’m not hungry much if at all any more but my brain or fat cells still tell me I want some certain food or another.

Tried drinking salt water last night… I cut up an orange so after every sip I could suck on an orange slice to get that nasty salt water taste out of my mouth…Needless to say it all came up and out into the kitchen sink. I did manage to get some salt water down me but I don’t think it was enough. I’ve just been relaxing and sleeping a lot and soon this will be over. I don’t feel any major weakness or dizziness like on Wednesday, this is good. I feel pretty good and clear headed except for the plugged up nose and sandpaper throat.

My kidneys hurt for a while and I had a lot of aches in the upper shoulder and neck area, this makes me think I must have had a lot of build-up in my shoulders from practicing. As a result I feel more relaxed in my practicing since its all being released.

All in all I’m feeling like I’m getting better and there is a lot of hope and perseverance that I will be able to finish my goal! I can do it!

34 more days of water fasting, 74 more days till my transformation.


3 Responses to “Day 4,5,6”

  1. kat said

    Good going, hang in there. I just started a fast myself.

  2. fmlopez said

    How long is your fast for Kat?

  3. Keep up the good work! If you haven’t found it already, has been a valuable resource to me in my fast, there are some very knowledgeable people posting there.

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